Founded in the heart of Veneto, in the Riviera del Brenta, our young company offers its exclusive production chain to the market, taking ideas and transforming them into reality.

The expert hands of our ITALIAN associates ensure the creation, development and production of any form of garment or prototype whilst bearing in mind all our clients’ requests and timeframes – even the most challenging.

Experience, knowledge and skill allow us to create a high-quality product, 100% MADE IN ITALY guaranteed. Our values, a heritage given us by our land, encourage us every day to take on new challenges and journeys with the aim of offering the best to our clients.

We work on exclusive collections for the ateliers of our renowned clients and showrooms all around the world.  Photographs and brands are intentionally omitted to protect the privacy and confidentiality of all the prototypes. Professionalism, confidentiality and originality are the foundations of our company.


All our designers follow each step of the pattern digitalisation process. All digitalisations are filed and saved in the formats requested by our clients. Any adjustments are quickly carried out with our knowledgeable staff advising on both a technical and professional level.
To help our clients, we use import and export tools in various formats (DXF, HGPL and MDL).


Lectra often trains our team via focused courses on all necessary IT requirements. This guarantees our clients an excellent design experience.
We use a wide range of sewing machines, from linear to modern, electronic machines. For attaining absolute perfection, they are the best on the samples market.
Our distinguishing dedication, perseverance and reliability give us an optimistic outlook for the future and a desire to grow in order to fulfil our objectives.
Our staff is always prepared to take on any request and find the quickest and most convenient solution for our clients’ requirements.


Our operational structure is separated into two macro areas: The Women’s Department and the Men and Baby Department. Each department uses:



A Product Style Zone where we oversee the product design and concept stage as well as the sampling process.
Every step of the design and sampling stages – from the very moment the project first arrives – is shared with our clients, allowing us to meet their requests and deliver an exclusive and attractive product.



A Production Zone: here, we attend to the production process and the final delivery to our clients.
The crafting, cutting and sewing work entrusted to our tailors may even be modified to fulfil requests. These requests will be confirmed and validated by the client for the sample production.

For the implementation of all these processes, we rely on the expert skills of our stylists, supported by our unrivalled tailors, who allow us to offer our clients a unique, original and totally handcrafted product.

Our QC Manager looks after the main phases of the production process.

This encompasses knitted garments and garments in fabric, the cutting room, tailoring, ironing, inspection operations and the packaging of the finished garment. The finished garment will then be entirely monitored and tracked throughout its journey.


Polo shirts, T-shirts, shirts, jackets, trousers, down jackets and dresses are just some of the products our company designs and creates. Most of our clients entrust their samples to us for the development of their single brand collections. They place their project into our capable hands, and we provide them with an original and competitive product, ready to be introduced on the global market.

Our products are handmade and of a certified quality. The cutting and tailoring work is done by specialists with years of experience in the sector – this is why the end customers are pleased with our creations.
All these processes are carried out whilst maintaining constant, thorough communication with the client. This allows for the initial creation of a paper version of the product and then a fabric version as requested. Dialogue and discussion help shape the creation of any garment, from a simple T-shirt to a high fashion dress.
Describing the vast range of products we create would be exhaustive and impracticable, so we will simply provide some photographs of sample garments at various stages.


realizzazione capi abbigliamentoThe Research and Development department helps us bring innovation and originality to the products we work on.

It broadens our horizons and keeps us up to date on new and alternative technical requirements and aesthetics.

As a company, we are constantly on the look-out for innovation, especially with regard to materials and new production procedures. This is how we improve the wearability and quality of our garments, constantly providing our clients with cutting-edge products.
Our associates regularly take training and refresher courses, guaranteeing frequent, continued professional development, maintaining the knowledge necessary to ensure our clients receive a perfect garment.
One of the many services that we provide to our clients is an option to produce focused samples, reducing styling and production times. Our clients save the time otherwise lost due to difficulties in communicating with various producers.
Last but not least is our logistics hub, which organises the world-wide delivery of the commissioned product. We have a dedicated packaging service and accurate delivery, emphasising the discretion and secrecy of the garments delivered directly to the runway. The originality of the garment remains intact right up until the client launch.


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